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Frankrijk (Laon – kathedraal) * 24/8/16


In de kathedraal staat dit prachtige beeld van OLV van Lourdes, prachtig versierd met vele fleurige en geurende bloemen, met op de achtergrond verschillende danktegeltjes.




In Laon Cathedral, France, lies this very old and still venerated icon named the “Holy Face of Laon”. Highly famous in the Middle Ages (it worked miracles), it was at the centre of daily prayer for peace during the First World War 1914-1918. This icon was given by Serbian monks in 1249 to Jacques of Troyes, who was still archdeacon of Laon Cathedral but later became Pope Urban IV. His sister Sybille was abbess of Montreuil-en-Thiérache convent. He sent it to her as a present.



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